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I’ve saved up a lot of reading for today. Here’s the best of what I read:

Monday Shorts

  • I will confess to only looking at the pictures and not reading the article but: what would modern animals look like if they were drawn like dinosaurs (that is, from their skeletons only without all the parts that wouldn’t have fossilized).
  • Watch the trailer for American Crime Story: The Murder of Gianni Versace. I am not, repeat, NOT a true crime fan. But I remember the day this murder was reported so very distinctly, and it came during 1997, which is the year that defined the next section of my life… It was weird and memorable and I can still hear the person who told me about it pronouncing his name “Johnny” because “the i softens the g in Italian, it doesn’t get pronounced on its own.” She was Canadian and a hoot and I wish I could remember her name.
  • On Being Midwestern: The Burden of Normality. “Our bland, featureless Midwest—on some level, it is a fantasy. The easiest, most tempting tack for a cultural critic to take with fantasies is to condemn them. Given what ideas of normalness, in particular, have done to this country, to its nonwhite, nonstraight, non–middle-class, nonmale—and also to those who are all of those things, and are driven slightly or fully crazy by the effort to live up to the norm that is their birthright—it is tempting simply to try to fumigate the myth away.” (The Midwest, by the way isn’t flat. The Plains states are flat. The Midwest has hills and forests and lakes – some of them Great – but it isn’t flat.)

Thursday Shorts

  • A short history of capes in the movies. Man, now I want to have an excuse to swan about in a cape. (I do own one, so that part’s done.)
  • There is a Lego house and you can stay in it.
  • Something is wrong on the internet. I only made it partway through the underlying article which details how automation and showing people content like what they’ve consumed before may constitute abuse (which maybe falls into the “way harsh Tai” category). It’s interesting to think about though. Please kids, remember to curate your own media consumption and do read people you disagree with sometimes.

Friday shorts

Friday Shorts

It’s the end of the week and all I care about is getting to sleep in tomorrow.

Friday Shorts